I dressed it up. Panettone my way.

Baked on: 30th Nov 2013

Panettone on its own can look a bit drab. As I let my facialist did her wonders on my face, my mind is racing like speed of lights. The ideas came flowing like an open dam. I cannot stop thinking and the itch to bake is so bad that I am willing the mask on my face to dry quicker!

Before she can clean up my face I am already grabbing my note pad drawing up the details.

What do you need?

1) A good Panettone Recipe baked in a 10 cm panettone case
2) Freshly baked biscuits in your favourite design
3) Fresh Buttercream in your beloved flavor
4) Fresh Fruits.


Panettone My Way 1

Panettone My Way 2

Panettone My Way 3

Panettone My Way 4Panettone My Way 5


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