Why now?

Someone planted the seed of creating a blog into my mind. I steeped on it, rollover it, chewed over it, mulled over it and though about it. I came up with numerous reasons not to do it but the desire is just getting too strong to resist.

Hi World, I have many interests throughout my life. Such interests which I affectionately termed as flavors of the month. Many flavors of the month come and go until baking and food photography came along. Those were love that I resisted for a while but they finally took up permanent residency in my heart for the past 1yr 8 months.

Yes, I have only been baking for 1 yr and 8 months. And I documented this journey in my Facebook account with albums named Evolving Pantry 1 and 2 until a friend suggested that I either create a blog or publish a book on the bakes. Quite frankly, it is really daunting for me given that I have no professional training in baking and I have a full time job in the finance sector and a business on going as well.

BUT as daunting as it seems, the desire to blog the remaining journey started to grow and I finally gave birth to Iwannabakethistoday. For the past 1 yr 8mths, this was what I have been chanting daily in my mind. “Iwannabakethistoday”. I draw what I wanna bake from everything I came into contact with and read and see. Some are replicates of others while some are as original as it can be.

I invite you to come to my world through my bakes and pictures!

So here goes. For a start, let me embarassed myself by posting my very first bake. It was “baked” using happy call pan. It is a very raw piece of work! So please be nice!

Lemon Yoghurt Muffins with raspberries. Recipes from Smitten Kitchen.




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