Bunny Macarons


Macarons made into bunnies shape. It was not exactly very well made. Its a bake which truly took the willpower out of me. I wanted so much to just give up after a few tries given the fact that I do not have a grinder and I have to chop the almonds really fine. If thats not tiring enough for you, I have to ensure it sifted through the sieve. OMG!

To make it worse, I made this on a rainy day. The humidity and all were just not helping. But well, whether it is perfectly baked or not a lousy one, I will still post and share. In fact, other than the macarons, most of the bakes that are posted here are all done on first attempt. As you can see, I really like to try different things!

I piped chocolate ganache to fill the macarons. Yumz!



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