Charcoal Bread in 2 ways

We had a desk dinner at Moomba a week back and they serve a very very yummy charcoal bread loaf. I am intrigued by the taste and texture. And I secretly told myself that I wanna try to immulate that taste (ahem… as if) …

Nevertheless, I managed to get hold of some edible charcoal powder after days of searching and here goes!

I can still look cute in full black but seriously, how do you make a black lump of dough looks appetizing?

Since I made a large batch of charcoal dough, I have decided to turn it into 2 items. One as a plain old jane bread loaf of bread. And I dressed up the other one into a galette with cherries and pistachio.

Loaf bread


Cherries Galette with Pistachio





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