Rosemary + Tomatoes Foccacia Bread


The girls and I traveled to Perth during the early part of the year. During our stay there, we cooked a lot at home. It was really so much cheaper to eat at home then eating out. I was not really that good in cooking but I do know one stew which I have made many times before. Its called beef, barley and leek stew. I think its really yummy. While I am confident with the taste, I am not exactly sure how my girlfriends will take to it. When all that is left is just one tiny barley in the big pot, I knew its a recipe to keep.

They requested for it again a few months back and I have decided to bake a foccacia bread to go with it. Here is the foccacia that I have made. When it is freshly out of the oven, it not only smell good but its is really delicious. There is a chewy texture to it. And that I will give credit to the Japanese flour which I have lugged home from tokyo. I will serve this time and again for many years to come.

But what was really memorable was the gossips and chat and sharings that we girls have that day. Unforgettable.



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