Thanksgiving Theme Bake

Turkey 3

I know Thanksgiving is not a festival that is widely celebrated in this part of the world I live in. However, that did not deter me from trying a bake celebrate it. I wanna make something that people eat for Thanksgiving dinner. Roast Turkey came to my mind. To make a “Roast Turkey” bake, the easiest is probably to use sugar paste or fondant like how many cakes these days are being decorated. I resisted that ideas given that we usually scrap that away and its not a healthy choice to being with. Actually its cos am not skilful enough to play with fondant (sheepish look).

As I scouted for ideas, I came across a big bag of sliced Almond which my mom bought for me. Omg! What a big bag! What was she thinking about? I thank God for her love!.

So here goes: Biscuity Turkey. My menu for ThanksGiving.

Turkey 2

Turkey 1


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