The SuperHero in all of us!

SR 3

“Bake something cute for my sons when I next meet you for lunch.” The moment these words are uttered, my brain cells cannot stopped working. My brain is just packed with things. What to trade today? Which currency pairs? What is happening to the market? How do we market this brand name of man skincare? What do I need to buy for the bakes for the weekend? When should I get my hair cut? Oh no, its waist length! What about my nails? What to bake for my friend’s son? What cute things i have not attempted? The brain cells just ran out of steam as I stared at the ceiling losing sleep yet again.

I finally decided to make a swiss roll. I love making swiss roll because it is a piece of canvas which allows me to do draw something free hand and up to your wildest imagination. I have contemplating drawing “The LAST SUPPER”. But I figured its not cute enough and probably not something a 7 years old will be interest. And by the time I finished piping the batter, my cake will be ruin.

I started to google for superheros and SPIDERMAN popped out of the screen. I have decided. And this is my piece on Spiderman since I believed in every little boy soul lies a Super Hero! I might attempt an IRON MAN next!

SR 5
SR 4


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