PA PA Bear!

papa bear 3

Hokkaido Milk Loaf is an all time favorite bread. And the dough is really versatile too. Throughout this 1 year 8 months of baking, this recipe has been used umpteenth times to create bread of all shapes and sizes. I like how pliable and manageable stickiness it is. That quality is indispensable if you like to shape bread into various looks. If you like a different color, just add into it. I like to use freeze dried fruits as a coloring agent but I am not able to find decent ones in Singapore. If you have it in your countries, feel free to use it. And maybe you can send me a comment to tell me where I can get it if you know. For that, I will be eternally grateful!

Here is one of the bakes using Hokkaido Milk Loaf as the dough:

papa bear 1


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