Maple Walnut Bread


A girlfriend was in Tokyo one day when she called me and asked if I like to buy anything. Other than the 5 kg of flour which I begged her to buy for me. Its 2 other Japanese recipe books. Do I understand Japanese? Ehm…… No….. I probably know some basic Japanese and hiragana. But I am just happy to give the recipe book a try.

My eyes went from an english style full stop to a full blown chinese style full stop when I flip through the book. But I thought to myself that it cannot be that difficult. I can do all things through Christ who strengthen me! So I figured. Basically I need to learn katagana well enough to type the words out in google translator. I did that for the ingredients but ignored the directions. I armed myself with my months of baking experiences (as if) to give the Japanese recipe a try. So tiddah! A delicious little treat!

I shaped the remaining dough into a rabbit. Some said squirrel while others just stared at me blankly. Okie, I got it.


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