First ever Hokkaido Milk Loaf


Remember the Hokkaido Milk Loaf which I mentioned? This is my very first attempt at it. That was 1 year 7 months back. This is made by kneading with the hand non stop for 30 minutes.

After it was baked, I was so tempted to slice it open immediately to see the texture. However, a girlfriend who was such an accomplished baker told me never to slice it open when it was freshly out of the oven. The cooking process was still on going.

I resisted the urge to and went to bed still thinking about my loaf. The very next morning, I was up real early to check out the loaf. It wss love at first sight. The colour of the crust and the texture of the bread. Not to mention, the residual smell that lingered throughout the night.

The colour of the loaf happens to match this Hermes ribbon that I have. To me, this loaf beats the birkin sitting in the room.



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