I titled this ” Reflections”

Baked on : 14th Sept 2013


French tart has been one of the bakes which I keep making. The fact that I am able to make the pastry dough ahead of time and that the various components can be interchange depending on taste profile gave me the freedom of expression. This tart has a chocolate crust. The filling is praline cream which took me a fair bit of time to produce. I have to roast the nuts involve before pouring caramel over it and wait for it to harden. Thereafter, I have to break it into manageable pieces before grinding them into powder. After which I would have to make a sugar syrup to make the praline paste. Once that is done, I can start to make the praline cream. This process took me a good amount of time. I remembered holding my bladder for the entire process. Its like I have almost forgotten how urgent I need to be in the toilet anymore. The more I immersed myself in the baking process, the more I seem to lost track of time and senses.

This evening, I rushed home from work and has been standing at the pastry table rolling dough from 7 pm to almost 11 pm. Do I feel tired? Not during the process. As I sat down and “pen” this entry while watching the lack of reaction from the non farm payroll on the FX market, I can feel the tiredness set in. The eyes are really starting to fatigue. I knew its time to rest. Good night World as I present this piece of work to you.

I titled it Reflection. Moment of stillness. We all need it some time in our life.




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