Sesame Chiffon Roll with Chocolate Cream


For those who know, I seldom attempt cake. The attempted effort today is not really something which I am really proud of. I hand grounded the sesame seeds but realised that the natural oil from the freshly ground sesame seeds can be affecting the batter. Chiffon cake is scary. It puffed out like a puffer fish when agitated. And it collapsed quickly when it get out of the sticky situation. That is what happened. But since I am rolling it up, I figured it will be alright.

The chocolate cream was a first attempt as well so I am not sure if I have did it correctly. Nevertheless, its thumb up for the flavor. I used biscuits to decorate the cake again. Using Biscuits to decorate is like the flavor of the month for me. Until I am sick of it, I will persist. Dont dissuade me, its pointless. 😉




One thought on “Sesame Chiffon Roll with Chocolate Cream

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