Acai flowerlets

Freshly and Lovingly Baked on : 19th May 2013

But 1

Blueberries is a staple in my diet because I am obsessed about its antioxidant properties. I will go all out to search for it whenver possible. The moment I woke up, I will definitely eat a punnet of blueberries. The truth is, I did not eat. I just swallow. 😉 Suddenly, a new kid on the block pop up in my knowledge sphere a few years back and I searched frantically for it. This new baby is ACAI Berries. It contains an even higher level of antioxidants properties then blueberries. Since then, it has became another staple in my diet. I know I am obsessed with the idea of remaining youthful.  Aging is irreversible. So why not take charge and take care?

Anyway, I managed to get my hand on some Acai berries powder and I attempted to incorporate these into the my baking. I added a little bit more sugar to balance the taste of Acai in this bake.


but 3

But 2


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