A Personalised Birthday Cake for BFF.

Freshly and Lovingly Baked on : 8th Jun 2013

Swiss 5

A birthday cake made for this wonderful girlfriend. Basically, i am attempting to make a victorian style swiss roll ( very much like the piece in the header) with her initial M. But perhaps, the colour contrast is very mild. The M is lost among the curls. It was a period of swiss roll obsession at that point of time. I can think of nothing but swiss roll. I always seek to do bake my style by combining various components. Sometimes it turned out weird. Sometimes it turned out fabulous. Sometimes I just do not understand how on earth did I come up with such piece.

Whatever the reasons are, I truly enjoyed the process of it all. I apologized for the lack of recipes given that i have just started this blog and juggling work and all. But it will come a day when the urge started to seep in in a big way. And at that time, it will be a point of no return.

What do you need?

1) A swiss roll recipe
2) Colouring
3) and artwork ideas.

Someone once ask if my cake batter will be ruin given that I spend an extended period of time piping the design. The answer is a surprisingly no and for reason beyond my understanding. I am amateurish. I know nothing about the science behind baking nor do I understand why folding in egg whites batter is important to keep whatever air intact. I only know how to keep trying and keep baking. It seems that my ingredients can sense my hard work….. They have been really kind. The evil ones are croissant and danish bakes. I think I am hot naturally. Okie, do not get me wrong. I meant my body temperature is probably warmer and hence attempting to roll fats into dough has been difficult. For those who has tips for me, please share.

Swiss 4

Swiss 6


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