Had enough of Xmas post? Back to Basic – Totoro Bread!

Freshly and Lovingly Baked on : 17th November 2013


Having Xmas bakes overdose? Actually, I think I might just have one more to go since there is another party this coming weekend. But we see. I am having some “overdoing it” syndromes. So I decide to rest my feet from all the standing for the past 2 days. 😉

Let me share one of the bread bakes which I have done in the not so distance past. Although I am having some difficulties with the biscuits dough initially, I did a work around so all ended up decently alright. After this bake is done, I suspect that most people will get the character wrong but I am surprise that it turned out that most guessed the character correctly. Did u?


Bread Dough
20g Unsalted Butter
20g Sugar
10g Milk Powder
A pinch of Salt
140g Milk
200g Bread Flour
2g Instant Yeast

Cookie Dough
15g Unsalted butter
10g Sugar
45g Cake Four
4 Tbsp Eggs


I made the cookie dough first so that it has time to firm up in the fridge.
Cream the butter and sugar together before adding in the sifted flour. Mix well. Add the eggs one tablespoon at a time. If its still rather dry after the 3rd tbsp, you can add one more tbsp.

Roll it up into a flat sheet of about 2mm thickness. Cover with clingwrap and let it firm up and rest in the fridge.

Next, work on the dough. Combine the flour, salt, sugar, yeast and milk powder in a bowl. Moistened the flour mixture with the milk and knead till gluten is form. Add in the softened butter slowly and knead it into the dough until all are well combine. Lightly greased a bowl and put the dough into it. Cover with a cloth and let it proof for an hour.

Once that is done, punched it down and then divide the dough into 30g each. Shape each 30g dough into a round shape and place them on a floured parchment paper. Flatten it with your palm. I made 10 of it and use the remaining to shape the ears. If you desire, you can actually wrap a small amount of fillings of your choice (it can be red bean paste or tuna mayo etc).

Let the shaped dough rest for another 30 minutes. Towards the 20 minutes, take the cookie dough out and cut it into 5 cm diameter circles. Position the cookie dough onto the shaped bread dough to make the “stomach”. Since the cookie dough is really soft by the time I finished with the stomach. I just gather up a small quantity and round it up like a small ball and position it onto the dough to make the “eyes”.  I have to say that it is not the easiest cookie dough to work with.

Once done, baked these in a 180 degree preheated oven for 15 to 18 minutes.

After the bread are cool down, you can either use melted chocolate to draw the rest of the details or use food colouring pen.




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