Little Pony : Fluttershy and very aptly…. 今年是马年

Freshly and Lovingly Baked on : 10th Jan 2014

One conversation a few days before Xmas in 2012 between yours truly and the cute son of one of my BFFs.
The scene: At one toy counter in Paragon

Me: “hey Emannuel, choose a toy that you like. Auntie will buy it for you.”
Eman: ” Thank you Auntie D!”

After searching for a while, I join in the party.
Me: ” this is such a cute Orang Utan. Would you like to have it?”
EMan: ” Auntie D, this is not an Orang Utan. It is a Chimpanzee!”
Me: ” ehm…………….. “. *Sweat*

Honestly, I felt like digging a hole and hide. But I realised that I am not the only victim. 😉

Anyway, fast forward to present day. Eman is back into action again.

“Auntie D, can you bake Fluttershy, Rarity, Pinki Pie, Applejack etc etc?” I felt my sweat starting to drip again.

A few days later, this smart boy used his mom mobile phone to whatsapp me. It was a saturday evening. He said ” Auntie D, maybe you can make the fluttershy on sunday and I come to collect it on Monday.” “Alright Auntie D, this is Emmanuel, Bye!”

Such clever boy. He watsapped me with his mom’s mobile AND gave me specific instructions as to when to bake it and WHEN he WILL come to collect it. How not to love this boy. Here is a picture of him.


I know it is time to get down to work. I have been undecided as to which cookies recipe to use in this bake. I am very tempted to go back to the usual trusted one but that will be so conservative! My apprehension stemmed from the fact that I cannot fail this bake. Due to the free hand shaping and the details required, the dough has to be right for me to use to shape. After finalizing the dough to use, I get down to work!

Anyway, I have also just realised that this bake is very apt for this year too! 让我拜个早早年吧! 祝愿大家马到功成,一马当先!。^_^。

Fluttershy Cookies

Ingredients: (Basic Sugar Cookies Recipe from Sherry Yard)

6oz Unsalted butter (cold)
1/2 Cup + 1 Tbsp Granulated White Sugar
1/4 Tsp Salt
1 Tsp Pure Vanilla Extract
1 Egg (Room Temperature)
1 n 3/4 Cup All Purpose Flour ( Sifted )


Start by sifting the flour and set aside.

Then cream the cold diced butter in a mixer until it turned light in colour. Then add in the salt, sugar and vanilla extract and cream well until smooth.

Add in the beaten egg and incorporate it well into the butter mix. In low speed, add in the flour. I did this a tablespoon at a time.

Once the dough is done, depend on how you want to shape it. You can shape it accordingly. You can roll it flat and chill it for an hour before using a cookie cutter to cut the cookies. Or you can roll it into a log and chill it. Slice it before baking.

In this case, I basically traced out the shape and using the back of the knife to draw out the detailing. A food dye pen is use to draw the eyes. I sprinkled coloured sugar to create the hair.

Bake it in a 175 degree oven for about 10/12 mins or until brown. I realised that cookies that are freshly baked are really soft. I waited for it to cool down 15 minutes on the tray before transferring it onto the rack to completely cool it.

Lets see if Emmanuel has any further comments. I will be hawking my whatsapp for the next few days. 🙂


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