Angels … I believe I have them with me. Thank you for the Nomination for Liebster Award.

Freshly and Lovingly Baked on : 30th Mar 2014



It is the fastest bake I have ever done. My sabbath day ends at 5.30 pm and i am rushing against time to do this bake. The daylights are running out and I need the lights to take the pictures.

Actually, I meant to bake this for the brains (Maiu and Rob) behind  They are like angels to me when they told me that they have nominated me for the liebster Award. I am very new to blogging. In fact, I never really feel the urge to do so until the nudging by friends. I never knew the amount of work involves until I dip my toes into this vast ocean of blogging. I am consider really shabby in my effort. All I do have is this passion for baking.

Maiu and Rob gave me a push at a time when I am feeling the strain. I wish I can do better whenever I look at those full time bloggers effort. I wish I have more time and I wish I can do more marketing or linking with other bloggers to promote my blog. But somehow, I just do not know how to or am just really too bogged down by the full time job which I have in the finance sector as well. I wish I have more guidance and help.

Although Liebster Award is not one where I get judged and compete with other fellow bloggers, it still bring joy to me. It is not like I will get title like the best baking blog etc award. It seems more like an award bloggers gave to other bloggers to recognize your efforts. I will do an official post that fits the requirements of this Liebster Award in another post. For now, I really just want to thank Maiu and Rob for extending this invisible helping hand. Thank you.

To Maiu and Rob, this angel food cake is bake for you because you both are like angels in my life at this point of time. Thank you.

You can read about their post here.

It is not very well baked but I learned a few mistakes in this bake. So here goes:

1) When you scoop the batter into the pan, do remember to ensure that there are no air pockets in between. Do ensure that it is well packed.
2) My cake stuck onto the side of the pan but at the same time, I am not allowed to grease the pan at all. I am not sure if it has to do with the fact that my pan is too small or what soever, I figured I have to bake it in a bigger pan to find out. 

Do keep those points in mind if you are attempting it. I figured I can do a better bake the next time round.

Nevertheless, the texture is really soft and white!


Ingredients :

45g Cake Flour ( sifted and stirred in 1 Tbsp of toasted sesame seeds)
1 Tsp Pure Vanilla Extract
30g Granulated Sugar
3 Eggs white

Directions :

Whipped egg whites and vanilla extract into stiff peaks. Fold in the flour and sesame seeds.

Scoop batter into desired pan and bake it in a preheated oven of 165 degree for 25 minutes.

Invert the pan immediately after you took it out from the oven. Let cool completely before loosening the cake out of the pan.

Although it does not look that great but its really a delicious cake. You can taste the toasted sesame seeds. It gave a unique texture too!




2 thoughts on “Angels … I believe I have them with me. Thank you for the Nomination for Liebster Award.

  1. awww….you are so sweet! Thank you! Can’t wait to read your answers! Will be waiting 😉

    You have these totally amazing desserts, like the steamed pigs or the cute doggy cupcakes…wow!

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