Water melon anyone?

Freshly and Lovingly Baked : 12th Apr 2014


I attempted a similar bake in 2012. In that bake, the outer layer are made of cookie dough while I use a bread dough for the inner portion. I wonder if I can make a better version this round.

The bake in 2012

The only tedious part is dividing the dough and then adding the colourings. The individual shaping also took me a while to achieve. I was in a hurry to get this done because I am also rushing out a presentation for work on monday. To be very honest, I really hate presentation. But well, thou shall not complain! 🙂

Enjoy this bake. For those mothers, you might want to consider baking these for your kids. I figured they might just love it!

Ingredients :
325g Bread flour
1/2 Tsp Salt
30g Brown granulated sugar
4g instant yeast
1 egg
160g Milk
1/2 Cup of dried blackcurrants
40g Unsalted Upbutter


Knead all ingredients except butter and blackcurrants together. After 5 mins, add in the softened butter and knead till it passed the window pane test.

I divided this dough into 3 portions ( 325g, 150g, 150g). To the 325g dough, I added red food gel colouring. To one of the 150g dough, I added green gel food colouring. Ensure that all colours are well combined. Then add in the black currants to the red dough. Mix well. Let all 3 portions do it 1st rise.

Its a rainy day and it took longer then necessary to rise the dough.

Once done, I divided up the red dough into 5 portions in equal weightage.

I roll up the red dough into round shape. Flattened the white and green dough. I wrapped the white dough over the red one and set aside. For the green dough, I used some black colouring and drew on it to make it look more like a watermelon before wrapping around the set aside doughs.

These completed fruit are left to rise a second round for 20 minutes before I bake them in a preheated oven of 170 degree for 20 minutes. After 10 minutes, I tent the bake to prevent too much browning.

After bake thoughts: the bread burst as it expanded in the oven. I think if you are going to attempt these. Just reduce the red dough to 55g per dough instead of 70g. That will help.





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