Croissant – My post mortem of attempts (1st and 2nd)

Freshly and Lovingly Baked on : 19th Apr 2014

 After a diaster super oily leaked in the 1st batch of Croissant, I decided to bake another one just to satisfy my craving. I tried a different recipe this time.

A recap of what I did for the 1st attempt:

1) Lamination – Dough was hard and hence the hardened butter matches the texture. Lamination for the first 2 folds was alright but the dough is difficult to roll out thinner. I am wondering if its because I do not have the strength or the dough is just too hard. By the 3rd fold, I am having such a difficult time rolling and hence it takes longer and the butter just melted. Each fold is done after the dough is rested for 24 hrs in between. I suspect the dough could have dried up further along the way and hence the difficulties.

2) Folding Method- I use the book folding method and the english lock in method for the lamination process. I like how it build up the initial no of layers.

3) Butter block – I divided up the amount of butter needed by stuffing it into the ziplock bag to create rectangular block. Chill it up in the freezer and simply cut it open when I need to use.

4) Temperature – I did most of the  folding at night and hence temperature would have been aroudn 25 to 27 Degree.

5) Final proofing – It is done for a hour at a room temperature of 23 degree.

6) Egg wash – I did an egg wash before final proofing and just before baking.


Butter leak massively on my first attempt. I suspect it is because I did not proof it sufficiently and the final fold which I did is sloppy given the butter has softened and the dough breaks. I am not able to roll all folds sufficiently thinly as well. It is really thick as you can see but the layers are good. I think the hard dough helps .


The croissant shapes get distorted as it bakes. Probably due to the massive butter that leaked.

The croissant is a tad underbaked as you can see from the cross section.


SO when I was deciding on the next recipe to test, I chose one that has a softer dough and use a lesser butter block to combat the issue. I have also proof the final product sufficiently for about 2.5 hrs.

 1) Lamination – The dough is significantly softer and the mistake I have made was that both butter block and dough is not in a similar “hardness”.  The dough is soft while butter is rather hard. So as you can see later in the picture, the final shapes show uneven butter distribution. It is not a pleasant sight.



In this new recipe, I do 2 folds before resting for 1 hr. It is just too soft by the time I did my 2nd fold. Not ideal. I guess by this time, I am suffering from crossiant fatigue. I did this immediately after my failed 1st attempt and I must say I am too eager or impatient. After spending 5 days with my 1st attempt, I am seriously running out of patience.

2) Folding Method – Sames as 1st Attempt. Book Folding Method and English Lock In.

3) Butter block – I tot a lesser amount of butter will be easier to fold. But it melted equally as fast. In fact, a smaller butter block can potentially melt faster.

4) Temperature – I did this at night so the temperature was similar to first bake of 25 to 27 degree.

5) Final Proofing – these pillowy buns have been given 2.5 hrs of proofing time at 25 degree air conditioned room. You can see how puffy and pillowy it is. These are taken just after 1 or 2 mins in the oven.


 6) Egg Wash – Did only one before baking.


There are still leaks but not so badly this time round. I attribute it to the good lengthy proofing time. The croissant shapes stayed on well and the final product looks good on the outside.

5 minutes into the baking


12 minutes into the baking


I tent it thereafter to prevent excessive browning.

After cooling and taken out from the oven.




But the cross section is really still far from ideal. I wonder if the yeast content is too high vs the previous one.


Instead of sharing the recipes, I have included here the proportion of each ingredients used. From here, I will tweak the proportion for the 3rd attempt. I will only share the actual recipe when I am able to perfect it. So stay tune. For now, Let me give you what I have done for the past 2 attempts.

In % 1st Attempt 2nd Attempt
Bread Flour 100.00 100.00
Sugar 15.00 6.70
Salt 2.40 2.20
Milk Powder 3.00 1.90
Fresh Yeast 2.40 5.00
Water 49.00 54.40
Butter for Folding 65.00 55.60

Have fun reading! If you have advices for me, please share ! I am not a professional baker and I really hope that those who are professional in this field to share as well.


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