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The only reason why I am reblogging this is because Spider man 2 is showing in Singapore at the moment. I am including in this reblogging effort the recipe for this bake for those who are keen to attempt. It is basically the same recipe which I use for any patterned roll cakes attempted in this blog with some real minor adjustment. So here goes: Enjoy the movie and enjoy the cake!

The Egg yolks Batter
3 Egg Yolks
35g Granulated Sugar
80g Cake Flour (sifted)
1/2 Tsp Pure Vanilla Extract
60g Milk
35g Canola oil

The Egg White Batter
4 Egg Whites
65g Granulated Sugar
A pinch of Salt

Blue colouring
Red colouring
Charcoal powder


The egg yolks Batter: Sift the cake flour and set aside. Whipped the Egg yolks and sugar till pale and double in size. Add in the liquids (milk,oil and vanilla extract) and incorporate well. Combine the cake flour into the whipped batter and set aside.

Now work on your egg whites batter. Add salt into the egg whites and whipped. As they started to foam, add in the sugar gradually and whipped at high speed till stiff peaks.

Now the fun part begin:
Basically, to create the batter for the design. All you have to remember is in this proportion. 1 part of egg yolk batter to 2 parts of egg white batter.

I took out the necessary amount of batter to create the design. In this case, I did 3 different coloured batters. To each, I added blue, red and charcoal powder respectively. Adjust the depth of colour to your little heart desires! Then I piped it over the traced out design. I started off with the black portion to create the outline for easy filling up of the other colours. Once that is done, I bake it in the oven for 1 min at 180 degree or you can choose to chill it in the freezer for 10 minutes.

When that is done, I will mix the remaining egg whites batter into the egg yolks batter along with the blue colouring. Once I achieved the uniform colour, I will poured this batter into the cake pan and then baked this for 15 min at a preheated oven of 180 degree.

After the cake is baked, remove the cake from the pan and remove the parchment paper carefully. I will flip it onto a kitchen towel spray lightly with water and roll the cake before letting the cake dry completely.

Thats is!


SR 3

“Bake something cute for my sons when I next meet you for lunch.” The moment these words are uttered, my brain cells cannot stopped working. My brain is just packed with things. What to trade today? Which currency pairs? What is happening to the market? How do we market this brand name of man skincare? What do I need to buy for the bakes for the weekend? When should I get my hair cut? Oh no, its waist length! What about my nails? What to bake for my friend’s son? What cute things i have not attempted? The brain cells just ran out of steam as I stared at the ceiling losing sleep yet again.

I finally decided to make a swiss roll. I love making swiss roll because it is a piece of canvas which allows me to do draw something free hand and up to your wildest imagination…

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