Bubur Pulut Hitam Macarons ( Black Glutinous rice Macarons)

Freshly and Lovingly Experimented on : 18th/19th May 2014



It sounded rather unbelievable isnt? I cannot believe why I even attempted this. A fusion between Asian and French sound super enticing as I lied on my bed thinking of my next bake. Yes, I dreamt abt it. Just like how I used to dream about currency. Two top loves of my life. My mind cannot accomodate much more.

Anyhow, I wonder if its possible to make macarons with glutinous rice. I thought about it. Its tough because nuts and rice are two very different animals. One is high in fats while the other one is hardly  fatty at all. Nevetheless, I  thrived on satisfying the curiousity.

I attempted 3 times using black glutinous rice. First 2 trays are ruined because of the temperature. One cracked almost as soon as I placed the tray into the oven but showed even feets after it completed the bake. The other cracked and showed uneven feet by splitting one side up 10 minutes into it.

The lighter one is the first tray attempt while the darker one has not have the chance to bake through since I took it out after seeing the uneven split.


The top one is the my first tray attempt. Decent feets but it cracked on top.


The cross section seem decent for a macarons.


The last attempt seek to address both issues. I realised the temperature use to bake rice based macarons have to be lower in temperature. It cracked real easily. The last attempt seems decent enough to post. But I will not share the recipe this round since I have another few attempts to go by tweaking the recipe a bit. If you are keen, you can stay tune as I will just add it on once I am done experimenting. Otherwise, I hope you enjoy the pictures.

Th fillings are delicious. I tweaked and downsize a traditional bubur hitam recipe since I need it thicker for the filling to stay within the macarons.

Final 3rd attempt:




A bite: I cannot resist!


Stay tune for improved version!


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