Testing recipe and practicing period. Saffron macarons with bhutanese lime buttercream!

Freshly and Lovingly Baked on : 24th May 2014



I actually want to stop baking this weekend. It has became like an obsession and my health seems to deteriorate from lack of rest. What prompted this bake was the bag of Bhutanese limes which I have bought during the trip. I do not want to waste this beautiful bag of organic fruits. So I get down to it. I bought alot of saffron during my trip there as well. I thought the flavor combination will work.

There is no recipe for this bake because I am still testing it. This is not my best macarons bake but let me still share this. I meant to gift a friend with this as well given that he has always been supportive despite the distance. A friendship which I treasure.

One thing I really learned as well is that I should not attempt any coloured piping at night. The lighting and all is not helping me create a nice colour profile. But well, since it is also a practice round, I will gladly accept the ‘failure’.

In this bake, I basically made candied Bhutanese lime slices to be sandwich between the macarons. It has a bitter undertaste and the flavor works well! The Saffron was incorporated into the macarons. As with my Bubur Hitam macarons, once I am done experimenting, I will post the recipe. If you like to know, feel free to drop me a comment!

This icing piping attempted today is meant to have a spring feel. I called it the Blossoms of Spring.






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