Black Forest Cake! Ehm…. No… I made it into a macaron!

Freshly and Lovingly Baked on : 31st May 2014



The girls and I were enjoying our dessert after dinner at one of Singapore’s nostalgic residential areas. We will blabbering and gossiping carelessly as usual. Gf #1 ordered a black forest cake. And that is when all the ridiculous and outlandish suggestions started to emerged. It all started with this cake because of how this cafe served its black forest cake.

We basically have to pour the cherry syrup onto the cake before eating. So We were toying with ideas of turning it into a macaron and how we joke that each macaron will have a small tube of cherry sauce. Its like how a Japanese Bento set will be. There is always a small tube of soy sauce accompanying. So when its time to be devour, the syrup will then be poured over the macaron. I think its so cumbersome to eat such a macaron! They decided that I should do it and so I make it my weekend bake idea! So today’s bake idea is credited to these girlfriends. My role involves conceptualizing the bake, what recipes to use, how to assemble and how to transform this cake into macarons.

As always, I am not posting the recipe now since it is also a conceptualizing period and process. If you are interested, you can always post me a comment and I can share the initial recipe. 😉

The basic component of black forest cake is chocolate cake, cherry syrup, canned cherries and lots of whipped cream.

I can incorporate most of this components in the filling of the macaron. Basicslly, i started with baking a nice chocolate cake. Once it is cooled down, I sliced it 3 mm thin and lay these onto a square pan.

The syrup to be poured over is a messy mess. The gist of the idea is to prevent the messy syrup from flowing all over. So what I did is to solidify this syrup by turning it into a konnyaku. I cooked down freshly pitted cherries and turn the syrup into konnyaku. While it is still hot, I pour it over the cake to create a layer of jellies on the cake. This achieved the cherries syrup flavoring of the black forest cake.

Then I purreed the cooked cherries earlier and added some corn starch. Cool it down and use it as adhesive between the macarons and fillings. This also give another dimension of flavors and texture.

I then bake the macarons and tinting it red to give the red colour of a cherry.

I hope the girls like this interpretation of their Black Forest cake!




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