Hae Bee Hiam Bread – Truly Nostalgic ( Sambal Dried Prawn Bun)

Freshly and Lovingly Baked on : 1st June 2014



Someone commented that I am not very Singaporean or local in my baking. Honestly, I actually do not know what does local nor Singaporean bakes really are. I do not believe we actually have a distinct food culture. Does pandan cake means its local or singaporean or is it Malaysian? I am not going to embark on a debate as to whether laksa or char kway tiao is Singaporean rather than Malaysian blah blah blah.

To me, its blur and greyish. Unlike Italy or Japan, they do indeed have a food culture that we know for sure its distinctively them. Everyone of us has different life experiences and we grew up experiencing different type of food. I believe anything can be Singaporean or local as long as it triggered memories of the past.

So today bake triggered my childhood memories in Malaysia. It is Hae Bee Hiam Bun.

Hae Bee Hiam: i think it is not foreign to many. We grew up eating this type of food. I smell it at a friend’s place a few days ago and it just bring back memories. I do not attempt to make the authentic Hae Bee Hiam since I really cannot cook. I did a easy version instead. Here goes:



Ingredients :
100g Dried shrimps
4 Tbsp Sambal Sauce
1 Tbsp Sugar

Directions :

Give the dried shrimps a good wash and towel it dried. Let it sun for 30 minutes to dry it up completely. After that, grind the shrimps finely. Dry fried it in a pan until it turned a darker shade of brown. Add in the sambal sauce and tossed it evenly with the shrimp. While doing so, lift the pan away from heat to avoid charring.

Once that is done, add in the sugar to taste and put it back onto the heat again. Fried for another 5 minutes and lay it out to cool.

Here is my easy version of Hae Bee Hiam. As much as it is so easy to prepare, it is very tasty. I made a lot more to store for later bakes. If you do not want to make extra, just do half the recipe. The extra can actually be use to fried up with eggs or long beans!

Next, I worked on the bread.

Ingrdients :
300g Bread Flour
50g Cake Flour
65g Sugar
4g Instant Yeast
4g Salt
1 Egg
50g Water
120g Milk
30g Unsalted Butter

Directions :

Mixed all ingredients except the butter in the mixing bowl. Knead it for a few minutes before adding in the butter and knead till it last the window pane test.

Let it proof for an hour or until it doubled in size.

Once that is done, punch down the dough and divide into 8 pieces of doughs (about 75g each). Round up and flatten each dough before wrapping in the Hae Bee Hiam. The quantity of the filling depends on your liking. For me, 2 Tbsp seem enough.

Pinched the buns close and then let these do their final proof for the next hr or double in size. Give it an egg wash and then bake it in a preheated oven of 200 degree for about 12 minutes.

Let it cool and enjoy!


I packed it for some colleagues!


The texture and cross section!



4 thoughts on “Hae Bee Hiam Bread – Truly Nostalgic ( Sambal Dried Prawn Bun)

    • Hi HC… its been a while since i made that haha. But I basically went to the supermarket and find a ready made sambal sauce. So long as u like it, you can use it. Its a matter of preference i believe.. 🙂

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