” Xmas” Bread

Included the graphical depiction of how to shape a star using bread.


Reblogging on 2nd June 2014

I am reblogging this to update the recipe for this favourite bake of mine as well as to show you how to shape a star shaped bread. I have come to realise that this method of shaping is very effective in producing consistent and even star shaped.

So lets work on the dough first.

Ingredients :

210g Bread Flour
10g Milk Powder
45g Granulated Sugar
3g Instant Yeast
A pinch of salt
40g Egg
90g Milk
20g Butter

Directions :

Mix all ingrdients except butter into a mixing bowl. Knead it for a few minutes before adding the butter. Then knead it till it pass the window pane test.

Let the dough proof for an hour in a warm place or until it doubled in size. Punch it down and divide into 2 sets of dough with weights as follow:20g, 35g, 50g and 65g.


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