Black Sesame Rice Flour Macarons with White Chocolate Goji Berries Ganache- 养生篇

Freshly and Lovingly Baked : 13th Fri 2014



Toothless. You must have heard of it or seen it! Yes, its a cute dragon from How to Train Your Dragon. I love it so much. Toothless is so so cute that I can squeeze it to death. The movie is currently showing up in Singapore and I know I have to watch it. Toothless also inspired my bake today. Basicallt, he is all black. I need to find ingredients that are black in colour to create this. As much as possible, I preferred to use natural ingredients. So what can I work with?

Yes, charcoal and black sesame. Today’s ingredients are nothing new to the chinese. We grew up with such food. We believe the medicinal abilities of the ingredients. Goji berries are good source of antioxidant and to us, it helps with maintaining our good vision. I included this in although it is not black for the food properties.

At the same time, I also want to stablize my macaron baking volatilities. So I keep trying and keep baking using rice flour.


43g Egg Whites
50g Granulate Sugar
50g Icing Sugar
25g Rice Flour
35g Ground Sesame Seeds

Directions :

Refer to previous post for directions.



100g White chocolate
30g Heavy cream
30g Ground Goji Berries
20g Ground Black Sesame
1/2 Tsp Salt
1 Tsp Charcoal Powder


Grind the goji berries. Stir the ground goji berries, ground sesame seeds, charcoal powder and salt with the chocolate. Warm up the heavy cream and pour it into the chocolate mixture. Let it sit for a while before stirring and then store it for 2hrs in the fridge. You can use it after it firm up.


Addition ingredients required : Organic Gojiberries
I washed it and let it dried up. I positioned a few on the piped cream before sandwiching them together.

This is additional. I wanted to make a toothless theme macarons so I tried piping it onto my macarons. I know. It does not look as cute as toothless right? 😦

Anyway, if you wanna attempt to do so. The royal icing recipe is as below. I made a big batch to store for later use. You can half the recipe.

Royal icing

Please refer to recipe from this post.クレヨンしんちゃん-collection-and-mymelody/

The rest of the artwork is really up to imagination or you can find a picture and see if you can emulate it. It can be tough. I use charcoal powder to tint the icing. Adjust the amount of charcoal to suit the shade of black that you like. Start off with 1/8 Tsp.





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