All time favourite Luncheon Meat Bread using 17 hrs starter dough method. 午餐肉包.

Freshly and Lovingly Baked on : 20th July 2014



Luncheon Meat … its a meat that is yummy to the max for me. However, since I started to eat clean about 6 to 7 years ago, I have never wanted to touch that anymore. Anything processed or unhealthy is off my limits. I wanted to eat fresh and good organic food to feed this temple of mine. Its my body and its my responsibility to upkeep it.

Why luncheon meat buns today? Its not something that I would have bake it for my own consumption but I figured if its make someone happy, I can bake it for them. These cans of meats are delicacy to many. I am feeling the heat to sink my teeth into this as well but I am restraining really hard. In normal days, I would have make my own luncheon meat. But since this is given to me by colleague to make the bun for them, I shall use it instead. 😉


Starter dough
230g Bread Flour
130g Water
6g Milk Powder
2g Instant Yeast
3g Salt

Main dough
35g Unsalted Butter
105g Bread Flour
3g Salt
35g Sugar
25g Honey
25g Milk
42g Egg
1g Instant Yeast
5g Milk Powder

Additional ingredients:
Luncheon Meats

– I cubed it and give it a dry fry while waiting for my dough to proof.


Prepare the starter dough the day before by simply mixing all ingredients together and knead it till combined. Round up the dough and placed it in a fresh bowl, covered with cling wrap and then let it rest in the refrigerator for 17 hours.

How it looks like before refrigeration and after resting for 17 hours in the fridge.




The next day, mixed all ingredient except the butter together. Slowly add in the starter dough by tearing it piece by piece and kneading it in. Knead till everything till smooth before adding in the butter. Continue kneading till it passed the window pane test.

Let it proof for another 30 minutes. Once that is achieved, knead the dough to eliminate all air pockets. Divide it out into 7 doughs of 75G each. Let it rest for another 30 minutes. Then knead each dough to flatten it and wrap in the fried luncheon meat. Use the remaining dough to make the ears and nose. I used 1 g dough for the each ear and 3g dough for the nose. Let it proof for another 30 minutes. Give it an light milk wash and bake it in a preheated oven of 175 degree for 15 to 17 minutes.

The Texture





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