Banana Banana Banana and you thought its minion? No.. its a delicious banana bread. And I literally mean that. Include shaping instructions!

Freshly and Lovingly Baked on : 19th Oct 2014


Some friends whatsapp me after my centipede post expressing concerns that I have turned “dark”. They asked why am I baking such “dark” piece of work. I am amused. While I intended to bake a dragonfly in my next attempt, I have decided to give it a premature death before I am being labelled “dark” indefinitely. I shall take a break from those “dark” bake until I am unable to suppress that itch. So today’s bake will revert to being “cute” I hope. 😉

As I am also thinking of baking for breakfast tomorrow, I thought something sustainable and healthy should do the trick. Nothing beats bread for breakfast and I went to buy some tiny bananas for this bake. I am trying to shape this bake into a bunch of banana. But the first attempt was not very well done. I think I know where I have gone wrong with it. When you are slicing up the dough, ensure that your pizza slicer has been coated with some flour. This will ensure that the slice part remains separate rather than fused together. I made too few slices. It was sliced 2 times instead of 3. There should be 4 bananas in a bunch rather than just 3. The extra slice could make a difference! Anyway, mine looked sucky.

While it looked sucky, it won on taste. This bake is very yummy. While it does not taste like banana, the addition of it did give it a heightened level of sweetness and aroma. I am in love with it and believed that it is a recipe that I will use over and over again!




130g Bread Flour
125g Cake Flour
70g Mashed Banana
1 egg
Milk + the egg = 120g
4g Instant Yeast
4g Salt
20g Unsalted Butter
1.5 Tbsp Granulated Sugar


Mixed the flours, yeast, sugar together before adding in the salt. Stir the mashed banana into the milk and egg. Pour this into the flour mixture and ensured its well mixed. Then add in the butter and knead till it is smooth and elastic. Test the gluten. Once it has passed the window pane test, you can leave it to proof until double in size.

Once the 1st proofing is done, punch it down to deflate the dough. Divide it out into dough size of 115g each. Round it up and flatten it. Use a pizza cutter and gave it a few slices without severing the dough. Shape as per picture.


Once done, let it proof for the second time for about 30 minutes. Before baking, give it a brush of milk. Then bake it in a preheated oven of 170 degree for 13 minutes.


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