I prefer Rokkatei Butter Sandwich (マルセイバターサンド) to Shiroi Koibito (白い恋人). What about u? Its Lambies again.

Freshly and Lovingly baked on : 17th Jan 2015

Lambie 2

Solo Lambie 1

Shiroi Koibito is something I will always receive from friends or relatives who came back from Hokkaido. I am thankful for any gift of love from friends although I do secretly hope that they do not bring me anymore Shiroi Koibito but Rokkatei Butter Sandwich Biscuits instead. I love the buttery and rum taste of these biscuits. It just seem so perfectly combined to bring about an explosion of flavours in my mouth. It is also a very decadent treat in gloomy days given the amount of butter involved. I will anytime prefer this over Shiroi Koibito!

However, my secret wish is never not answered. So I have to resort to baking some for myself instead. 😉 I got this recipe from a japanese website a few months back and forgot the link. The recipe that I have here was copied and printed out. I do not dare claim ownership of this recipe. However, after testing it, I think there is something missing in the flavours. I might decide to modify it when I can refresh the taste bud with the authentic ones soon. Otherwise, I am blissfully contented for now.

This is a four part project which took up about 5 hrs of my time. You can simply shape the biscuits into rectangles like the authentic ones or shape it into lambs like I did ( yes, am crazy over lambies recently and I wonder why?)

1) Biscuits
2) White Chocolate and Butter Cream
3) Rum soaked raisin
4) Crumble

Lets get started. I began off with making the biscuit dough since I have to chill it for about 2 hours.


90g Cake Flour
25g Almond Flour
55g Unsalted Butter
35g Fine Sugar
5g Milk
A dash of Pure Vanilla Extract
An Egg york
2g Baking Soda


Sift Cake flour and Baking soda together and set aside. Soften the butter with the sugar and cream it till it turned pale. Fold in the almond flour until well combined before adding in the egg york. Beat it well and add in the milk and vanilla extract. Ensure all are well beaten together before adding in the flour + baking soda mixture in 3 batches. Fold in until just combine. Do not over mixed it.

I divided up the dough as follow. Pinch out 60g of the dough and add in 3 g of milo powder. Mix it well. Use a cling wrap to wrap the dough and twist it tight. Pinch out another dough of 5g and add in a little charcoal powder, mixed well and twist it tight in a cling wrap. Finally, pinch out another 5g of dough and add a little pink colouring into it. Mixed it well and twist it tight. Pull out a piece of cling wrap and position the remaining dough onto it. Use another piece of cling wrap to cover it and roll it out flat. Refrigerate all doughs in the fridge for 2 hrs.

While waiting, work on the remaining of the components.

Rum Soaked Raisins

20g Fine Sugar
60g Raisins
15g Rum
50g Water


Use a small pot and melt the sugar with the water over low heat. Add in the raisin and let it boil for a few minutes. Once done, take it out and add in the rum. Stir well to combine and bring it to a boil again. Once done, let it cool down. Refrigerate it till you are ready to use it.

Butter and White Chocolate Cream


50g Unsalted Butter
A pinch of salt
60g White Chocolate
5g Rum


Melt the white chocolate over a double boiler and leave it to cool down. Beat the butter and salt up until it resembled beaten up cream. Add in the cooled white chocolate and beat it again. Then add in the rum and beat it till well combined. Leave it to firm up in the fridge until you are ready to use it.


25g Unsalted butter
60g Plain Flour
A pinch of Salt
25g Fine sugar


Mix flour, salt and sugar into a bowl. Cut the butter into cubes. Placed it in a bowl. Refrigerate both bowls of ingredients for 1 hr before pouring the flour mixture into the bowl that contained the butter. Use your finger and rub the flour into the butter until it resemble fine crumbs. Once done, refrigerate again until you are ready to use it.

Shaping the biscuits:

I basically use a round cutter and cut out circles of biscuits from the flattened out dough and positioned them onto the baking tray. Ensure it is well spaced out. For this amount of dough, I am able to make about 4 pairs of cookies.

Then I pinched out a small amount of dough and round it up before flattening it and positioning it onto the bottom half of the round biscuits. Next, roll out balls of pink dough and black doughs as nose and eyes. Once done, I rolled out strips of milo tinted dough and shape it into a spiral for the horns. I am not able to weigh them because the weight does not register on my weighing machine. Eye ball the proportion of sizes if you can. A lot of these shaping are done free hand.

Before Baking:

lambie raw 1

Lambie Raw 2

Once the foundation of the cookies shaping are done, I firm it up in the fridge while heating up the oven to 175 degree.

When they are ready to bake, I basically scattered some crumbles between the horns to create the cashmere effect. Then I baked these for 10 minutes or until it brown at the sides.

While Baking:

lambie wip 1

Once it is taken out of the oven, I let it cooled down for a few minutes before attempting to lift it off the baking tray. Once all are lifted off the baking tray and let them cool down completely.


Spread a generous layer of cream onto one side of the biscuit and add in a reasonable amount of raisins before sandwiching it up.

See the decadent butter white chocolate cream?

Lambie with cream and raisin

Let these firm up in the fridge for a day before serving!! Itadakimasu!

Floating Lambie 1

3 Lambie 1


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